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UX and Interface Design

We build websites/applications following the User experience and design principles that make it easier for your visitors, users and also for search engine spiders to evaluate the content on a page, which can help make your site indexed more accurately. Standards also allow your site to look and operate consistently among major web browsers and platforms.Some websites sacrifice usability for aesthetics. Others have great content but poor design. When we build a site, we pay close attention to every part of it. No single element is too mundane or irrelevant. In the end, we need to reach a balance between design, functionality and usability. If one of those areas fails, then the site fails.


We individually customize your e-commerce package to meet the specific needs of your business. We provide marketing tools and a wide array of functionality to allow your site to grow along with your business and every solution is user friendly. We have solutions for small start-up sites to large, high-volume retail sites. Some of the functional aspects that can be implemented into your site include: Marketing using social media, Promotions & Sales, Keyword Relevant Search, Newsletter/Email Marketing System.

Product Development

We offer Web application Development solutions that embrace interactivity, e-commerce features, and the merging of your internal database with your Internet presence. We can help you build a cost-effective web application from scratch. Our range of custom solutions includes, but not limited to: Web Based Business Applications, Web Based Business Process Automation, Web Based Client Extranets , Web Based Employee Intranets.



An advanced exit technology that allows you to have light boxes inside of your webpages. This suite of software comes with HeatMonster that lets users to convert any image into a fully functional page with Call to Action buttons, optin boxes integrated into it. Authority Monster lets users to curate content in the most innovative ways.

Social Surveys

A next-generation survey app that assists in segmentation. Surveys can be run on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology. Users can also have different give-aways based on the survey response.

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Meet The Team

About Us

Jargon Handlers

Started in 2007 by 3 people, Jargon Handlers now has a team of around 20 awesome members including developers, designers, Application testers and Customer support executives.

We love doing new things and that’s how we transformed our core business successfully from client service to creating products.

We started off with developing browser based video games that was well received by the market. We had more than 20,000 players in the game and it was a real success. Having sold of the game for a one time cost to one of our competitors, we moved on to developing products that addresses specific pain points for Small and Medium Scale businesses.

Our products enable and increases engagement with the target audience and assist our customers to build a list in the process. With more than fifteen products in our portfolio used by more than 30000 customers, (some of them have been best selling apps) we have developed an acumen on creating and delivering products that cater the needs of our customers.

A majority of these apps are Facebook compliant. Our Facebook based apps can be installed on Fanpages. These apps comes with a suite of functionalities that include playing videos, running surveys and a lot more.

We’re strong believers of karma. We get what we give. We love our team. We love our products and more than everything else, we love our customers. We get the same from them! Questions? Drop us a mail at business[at]jargonhandlers.com and we will get back to you in a day.

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Jargon Handlers
No.51, 2nd Floor, 11th Cross Street
9th Main Road, Dhandeeswaram Nagar

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